Fishing From Land in the Florida Keys: Sammy Creek Landing-Sugarloaf Key

Can you enjoy a day of fishing in the Florida Keys without leaving land? On a recent trip to the Florida Keys, a new location was found that provides easy access to fishing from shore. On Sugarloaf Key about 17 miles from Key West is Sammy Creek Landing. This park has a pavilion for shade and picnicking, but no bathrooms.

To get to the park travel down the Overseas Highway until you approach the Sugarloaf Lodge, turn onto Sugarloaf Boulevard and follow it until you reach Old State Road. Turn right onto Old State Road and continue until you see the park on the left hand side. It is located at the bridge where Sugarloaf Creek enters the Atlantic Ocean, approximately five miles from the intersection of Sugarloaf Boulevard at the Overseas Highway.

At the park there is a launch area where small boats and kayaks can be put in the water. Boats that must be launched from a trailer cannot be put in at this park. The only way to access the launch area is to carry the kayaks and boats. A gate prevents folks from driving through the park to the launch area. Parking is on the side of the road and overnight camping is not permitted. It is quite simply a beautiful spot to enjoy the day.

On a recent trip in January, my father and I decided to try our luck at this spot. When we arrived no other visitors were around so we could fish the entire area as we wished. I decided to fish under the bridge in a pretty strong current while my father chose to work his fly rod where the creek meets the Atlantic. We were fishing an incoming tide that eventually reversed itself.

I have heard that Jack Crevalle and other fish have been caught at this location. I was fishing my Shakespeare Ugly Stick with a spinning reel. Using my favor jig painted blue with a white streaming tail, I bumped my jig along the shade line. I got my first bite and reeled in a small Redfish. I didn’t expect to catch Redfish this far south but I was delighted. I continued to catch Redfish for the rest of the morning. I instantly became a fan of Sammy Creek Landing as a fishing destination.

The success of the day fishing from shore provided a definite boost to my appreciation of fishing from land in the Florida Keys. It is less expensive to fish from shore compared to chartering a boat. I love both, but it’s nice to have an inexpensive alternative for those days when time or finances limit fishing options. This place is on my list of fishing spots to frequent with every visit to the lower Florida Keys. Whether spending the day or just an hour or two, this place deserves to be on your list of potential locations for fishing, kayaking or picnicking.

Go Have Some Fun Out There!


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