Driveway Camping during COVID-19: Using the Camper/RV

Set up 30 feet from the garage

As the COVID-19 Pandemic caused many states to issue Stay at Home orders to flatten the curve. Many businesses had to alter the way they deliver services or close entirely until the orders are lifted. Additionally, state park campgrounds and private campgrounds had to comply with these orders which caused many campers to abandon their travel plans. As destinations and festivals were cancelled, the trips and campground stays associated with these trips were eliminated. Overall, camping within the country were looking diminished.

My first cancellation was a trip to Key West with my dad to participate in a music festival that raises money to send kids and their families to KOA camps for free. Like many others, this action caused the cancellation of the travel plans from Pennsylvania to Key West. Traveling in a KZ 180 TH toy hauler meant that all campsites between our home and Key West had to be cancelled. This also included a stay at Fort Wilderness at Disney World on the way home.

In order to comply with the governor’s order but still camp, I decided to go driveway camping 30 feet from our garage. It was a way to check the camper to ensure all systems are ready for the season. Since we were sleeping in the camper, we also decided to cook dinner outside and make the coffee in the RV. The dog was happy to join us in the camper and promptly took my spot in the bottom queen bed so I had to climb into the top bunk.

It was a great night in the driveway. The night was cool but the 20,000 BTU heater did a great job keeping the unit comfortable. The night was spent reading an actual book not an electronic version. My favorite author is Randy Wayne White. His Doc Ford series is great and the characters come to life. You will not be disappointed with his stories. I strongly encourage you to pick up his books.

The morning greeted my wife and me with sunshine and I was able to walk down the driveway to get the newspaper. Yes, an actual newspaper. We spent the morning reading the paper and drinking coffee made in a percolator coffee pot. Percolator coffee is the way we like to make coffee when camping. As we read the paper and listened to the songbirds, we realized that better days are ahead and that camping will start soon. We know we are lucky in that we can work from home and so far, our family has been COVID-19 free. The same is not true for some of my friends who lost jobs and others lost loved ones.

For Pennsylvania, private campgrounds opened on May 1st. All public areas will remain closed and many campgrounds require fully contained RVs or campers in order to stay in the campground. Later in the month the Pennsylvania State Park campgrounds will open. I imagine they will have similar restrictions.

The season will be different, the activities limited, but the camper will be used. Hiking, fishing and boating are all activities allowed under the current stay at home order in Pennsylvania.

See you in the campgrounds… six feet away!

Go Have Some Fun Out There!

Enjoy the video of our driveway camping experience

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